Coories became a film set for a film called Christmas in Scotland. We were so intrigued and excited when we got an e-mail from Jiki at Heehaw productions asking if they could use Coorie’s for a Christmas film.

We quickly set up a meeting and once we found out all about what Heehaw productions needed and what the film was going to be about etc it was agreed that they would use the cafe for two days in March for a film set aswell as the Coorie team doing the catering for these days. We loved the fact that they were using other local businesses including the Red Lion and the Stay B&B in Culross.

The cafe and hotel closed and the film crew arrived. The hotel rooms became changing and make up rooms, resting rooms and even a sound room while the cafe turned into a hive of activity. It turned into organised chaos with the team setting up the equipment, making the cafe Christmassy with an endless supply of festive decor appearing from a van, producers planning the position of the scenes and even extras turning up! Once it was ready everyone was asked to be quiet and it was ‘camera ready, action’

It was fascinating watching behind the scenes and how much time, patience and precision from every member of the team was needed for each scene. Whether it was hair. make up, costume touch ups or the lighting, camera angles or any background sounds needing adjusted. Each scene was filmed several times to ensure they had the perfect shot. The extras (some from Limekilns!), came with different accessories, coats and jumpers to appear in different scenes and were shown what to do in the background. Everything was considered and planned with a wee bit of impromptu changes and last minute decisions.

We absolutely loved being behind the scenes and found the two days absolutely fascinating.

The whole team were super excited to see the film being finished and played on channel 5 at the weekend. It felt very surreal seeing our wee cafe and hotel on the TV screen and it will definitely be a family tradition to watch a Christmas in Scotland every year!

We also want to say a huge thank you to the whole team at Heehaw productions- it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.

Let us know what you think of the film- happy watching!